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I’m thrilled that you are here!  I’m Gisèle Grenier and I help people enrich their daily lives with inspiration involving work, creativity and balance.

Are you….

  • trying to find ways to be more creative for yourself or with your kids?
  • looking at making a little big of extra money making something for the local craft show?
  • are you in a rut?
  • trying to get organized or declutter?
  • tired of wasting time trying to manage your time?
  • looking for a way loosen up, shed some of that stress or maybe a few pounds?
  • experiment in the kitchen?
  • craving just being able to go to bed and not be thinking of a ton of problems…just to doze off?
  • open to trying a few new things?

If so, I welcome you with open arms!  as we move through the upcoming weeks, we will get into all of these and much more!

Life isn’t perfect…far from it. So why not push back by putting some fun back into our lives. This blog isn’t about my life per say, but what I’ve been doing recently that’s worked and failed in hopes that if you find something here that you’re interested in..yippee! I love to embrace failures in experiments because failures are experiments with data… let’s not forget that. If something doesn’t work that’s good…now we have an opportunity to change something. I’m also going to be bringing my professional art teaching career to the table. Not to teach a 16 week course on painting a tree, but some fun and simple projects that you can do to express yourself, do with little ones, decorate your home or sell at a craft show to earn a few bucks.

It’s all about eliminating what’s not working and doing more of what’s working. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

As I’m writing this introduction, ideas are popping into my head of what I want to share with you… it’s such an exciting time, it’s so hard to contain myself!

So welcome to my website and over the next few days, I’ll be posting some new things that I hope will get your creative juices flowing!


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