Are you looking for a blast of visual inspiration?  or maybe you want to learn how to paint, draw or make something?  Scroll down…

Rock Painting Tutorial – Collaging Stamped Tissue on a Rock

You will learn some rock painting techniques that involve collaging the most unusual stamped tissue on a rounded stone.

How to Paint Background Foliage – Painting Study Opus 1

In this painting study, learn how to paint a forest of trees which can be used as a background for your focal point.

Left Brain vs Right Brain Sketching Study Experiment – come on, I dare you to try it.

I’m challenging you to try this experiment to see how your brain reacts just by holding a drawing tool a certain way.

How to Download and Edit Photos on Android Phones

Received an email from my YouTube fan Margerate asking for help editing photos on an Android phone. She was pretty frustrated, so I silently bleeped out part of her email but totally related to her problem. In this video, I'll show you my process for downloading a...

How I Use My Dog to Teach Students to Paint Animal Fur

I often use Mia to demonstrate to my students how to learn about animal fur. How it grows, the undercoat colours, how to layer the fur colours.

Painting on Rocks – Heron Silhouette

Painting on rocks seems to be a growing trend and when I was asked to paint a planter accent I knew exactly where my inspiration was coming from.

How to Add Subtle Transparent Impasto Texture to Your Paintings

How to Add Subtle Transparent Impasto Texture to Your Paintings – Under the Sea

You’re a Creative, so Squash That Inner Critic

In this “Creative Thoughts and Talk” video, I’ll share what my inner critic did to me, what I did to “let it go”

How to Prepare Canvas Paper for Wildlife Painting Studies

As an instructor, I’m always trying to find ways for my students to save money on art supplies.

How to Paint a Simple Landscape with Intermediate Art Supplies

In this art supplies experiment, you will learn how to paint a landscape using mid-range art supplies that won’t break the bank.

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