Canada is an open country that has established a number of art galleries for displaying the potentiality of the local, national or international. It paves a way to expand the identity and work of the potential artists both in and around the country. Last couple of centuries have given birth to numerous platforms for preserving, promoting and show casting the artwork of the past and present people. Canada has played a major role in establishing various art galleries which influence many others around the world. We will look into five best Art Galleries in Canada.

Art Gallery of Ontario
The Art Gallery of Ontario is located in Toronto and was created during the 1900s. Today it is known as one of the most momentous art galleries of all North America. It consists of various arts from classic to contemporary with the work of genius of around 100,000 artwork. The Art Gallery of Ontario is considered as one of Canada’s most innovative cultural scenes. It is one of the most iconic buildings of a country that boasts of its rich heritage of grand structures. Get the information here of some of the most iconic and notable structures of Canada. At Art Gallery of Ontario, you can access collections of both modern and classical paintings, addition of Group of Seven, indigenous art from First Nations and also from other countries like Africa and Australia. It also boasts of sculptures, religious artifacts, photography from the 1840s until present day and library with books from the 17th century till date. It exhibits not only objects but conducts diverse programs that are art related.

National Gallery of Canada
Situated in Ottawa, Nation Gallery of Canada was founded in the year 1880 and holds collections of artwork from antique era to today’s twenty first century period. Known for its finest collections, NGC is celebrated in the midst of world’s renowned art institutions. The Gallery has inclusive assortment from Italian Renaissance, various decorative arts, Inuit art, Canadian and also European masterpiece arts. It is famously known for the tall bronze sculpture of a spider carrying white marble eggs, which was sculpted by Louise Bourgeois. The gallery presents art story in a sequential order. It has curriculum of travelling exhibitions apart from permanent showcases. The environment of the exhibition provides all age-friendly and presents varietal taste of admirable skills and designs.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Western Canada’s largest public gallery is Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, which was established in the year 1931. The Gallery exhibits historical and contemporary art from various artists of British Columbia. It also enhances the platform for researchers, scholars and publishers with their distinct and rich artworks. The institute has gained its fruit by being one of the internationally acknowledged galleries for its contemporary photo-based work. It elevates the message in arts which illustrates the ancestral history and native production by the local artists. The multiple collection embraces significant work of first Nations artists who incorporate their arts within their tradition, Vancouver Gallery also demonstrates skilled works which change throughout the year according to the nature of the art.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
This art museum was set up in 1860, located in Montreal and is known as the largest and oldest art Museum in the country. It has a reputation of collaborating with the world’s largest museum institutes because of the quality standard they have maintained with their world class gallery. Being more than 150 years old, it has collections including North America’s supreme arts, Canadian arts, Ancient textiles, and objects from ancient Egypt, master paintings, and not forgetting Japanese incense boxes. They exhibit digital art, significant assortment works by refined artists like El Greco, Picasso, and beautifully designed works by Frank Gehry. The Museum comprises of tremendous collection of Quebec, Inuit art and their reputation holds on to the most important graphic arts in the country. The gallery has lost some valuable collections during 1972 theft robbery which has never been recovered till date. However, it still attracts all the visitors, displaying incredible works of artists from all around the world.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia was founded in the year 1908 and is located in Halifax. Their all-encompassing collection is from Nova Scotia, historical and contemporary Canadian artists, and other parts of the world. Their collection also features art from First Nations artworks, Canadian’s best known folk artist Maud Kathleen Lewis, the appealing visual artists of Atlantic province. The gallery was entitled as the world’s largest public collection of works in the recent years. They have art products by Maud Lewis which speak of the legacy and tremendous skill of the lady.

Since time immemorial, humans have existed with art and culture and each era portrays their own uniqueness through their art. Although ancient people are long gone, yet their artwork tells us of the history and reveals to us untold stories and the creative minds and imaginations.

Written by: Lisa Shauffer

Image Sources:  Pixabay