Don’t you wish art journal ideas would just pop in your head on demand?

How often to you wonder how to start an art journal page, or face that “blank page” syndrome?

my answer is yes, a lot and a lot.

art journal ideas

When I create designs or film for my YouTube channel, I frequently get blank page syndrome with the lack of any art journal ideas and it can be frustrating.    I want to create, but what?

I like to turn to art journal prompts or creative journal ideas by looking at what I have in the studio to get me started.  I will often look at embellishments as my focal point.  Beads, metal, die cuts or photos.  Sometimes that that isn’t enough and I’ll turn to a prompt for art journal ideas.  You can find lots of these on Pinterest and inspiration websites as well, flip through the dictionary for some words that pop out.

For this design, I used the quote:  “embrace life & be brave” which luckily was through a stencil.  Then I thought, when I’m stuck, and that art journal idea comes to me, it starts off small and then takes on a life of it’s own and morphs from a blank page into something beautiful (most of the time).  When I thought of the word “morph” a butterfly came to mind and a warm calm came over me which turned into a faster heart beat filled with excitement.  You know the kind that makes your brain work faster than your hands!

To inspire your own art journal ideas, take a prompt or quote, sit, close your eyes and mediate on that for a few minutes.  Think about the prompt, what images appear in your mind.  Let that be your guide.

  • To build up a library of art journal ideas, I’m hoping that the prompt will get your creative juices flowing, so write each idea on a piece of watercolour or mixed media paper cut to 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″.  Nothing too big so it’s quick to finish.
  • Put the cards into an “idea box”.
  • When you’re ready, take a card out, read the prompt and what your idea was.  Close your eyes, meditate on that, do different images come into your mind?
  • Now.. create the artwork on the reverse side of the card.
  • Being smaller in size, you’ll be able to finish the design in a shorter period of time, but please feel free to work with any size you want.

art journal ideas

The Book of Backgrounds series is a great place to get inspiration.  I took one of my favourite backgrounds which was #6 in the 2016 series and went from there.

As I’m typing, I’m glancing over at it, wishing I would have sanded it a bit more to show the dimensional texture but wait.. if so much of the background would show through, it would take away from the prompt and the butterflies…and that’s what’s important.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a stencil or die but like what I’m using.  In the downloadable supply kit, I include the quote and silhouette butterflies you can print on card stock and cut out.

 Art Journal Ideas to Get You Inspired

Ready to Make This?

art journal ideas

What did you think?

When you close your eyes and think of the quote “embrace life & be brave” what images come to your mind.  Please share in the comments below.