Have you ever used an art journal prompt to help spark your creativity?

Especially with mixed media art, a prompt can help get you started using many different mixed media techniques  and may or may not include writing.

art journal prompt

If you are new to mixed media or have played with it for a while, I’m pretty sure there is something lingering in your mind that you’d like to learn more about.  Maybe it’s using different embellishments or how to layer thick papers?

I remember when I was looking for something to learn while taking a break from portrait work and chose to learn about mixed media, I had this vision in my head that I would be creating pieces in a Tim Holtz style, steampunk would be my thing and the house would be full of industrial vintage artwork.  Yeah, not so much.  The idea of wanting to create art in a style that wasn’t my own didn’t last long…it didn’t feel right.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Tim Holtz art style…to look at…and there it was.  I was stuck again, with a vision of what I wanted to do and I knew I was overthinking it.

Taking a step back, I started to think “what would I say to Mary-Jane” if she came to me with this problem.  So off I went.

I looked for an art journal prompt to spark my next mixed media creation.  I already decided I was going to use a Book of Backgrounds page, so that part was easy.  When I found the prompt, I read it, read it again and thought about it.  Almost in a meditative way, closed my eyes and let images enter my mind.  What did I see.  I went to my cubbies, took at the supplies that were close to what I was imagining and put them on my table.

The idea was to let the art journal prompt come up with the ideas for me and the theme was for me to decide what to create, using what I had and just have fun.  Who cares if it doesn’t work out, I welcome mistakes, it’s how I learn.

I’d like to welcome you to download the supply list below, use the printable quotes that are included.

Find a quite spot, read the quote, read it again, recite it out loud in a soft voice.

Close your eyes and invite ideas into your mind.

Then gather supplies that you have and start working.  Don’t overthink it and if you find yourself questioning what you are doing, read the quote, read it again and close your eyes.  Let the images guide you, even if they are different from the first time.

Just keep reciting the quote if you venture off and make everything you do, an intentional decision.  Not a decision to make your artwork look like someone else, not to want to be as good as someone else.

Not to make lines perfectly straight or to make a perfect circle.

Just let the quote guide you and interpret it any way you want.


Art Journal Prompt for Mixed Media

Ready to Make This?

What did you think?

Download the supply kit and ponder the quote.  Share in the comments below some initial images that entered your mind after you closed your eyes.