Sometimes you get stuck trying to think of something to create.  Sure, you can search the internet for prompts and you still may find yourself stuck.  For this reason, I prefer to create a visual art prompt to help jump start the creative process.

A visual art prompt is simply a piece of artwork to match the prompt.  The receiver can make a prompt card themselves to give to someone or create a new piece of artwork based on the prompt.


For example, here is a little one based on the art prompt “it’s too far“.  

ready to make this?

The visual art prompt shown on the left is based on the letter “B” and it’s very obvious that the art prompt sparked a simple painting of a bird.  

So you can create your own art prompt card with a bird (it can be any bird using any style) to keep for yourself or to give to someone or you can create a totally unrelated piece of artwork featuring a bird or something else with the letter B…let’s say a buffalo (now there is a challenge for you).

if you want to create something,
but you’re stuck for ideas,
try this art prompt activity

All the supplies I used can be found at the end of the video. Enjoy!

What did you think?

Does the idea of working from a visual art prompt sound interesting?  have you ever done it before?  Do you think it might inspire you to create your own visual art prompt card and give it to someone else?   I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share in the comments below.