When I started with Artist Trading Cards, I was in awe of the cards that had a vintage feel to them and thought there was no way I could create something so beautiful.  

Have you ever felt that way when looking at someone else’s art?

Well, that stops now, because I’m going to show you how easy it is to create artist trading cards using a plain old deck of cards and simple supplies to make your own master piece.   

Artist Trading Cards can be made by anyone…you don’t need any special skills or supplies.

To break it down… if you have:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • computer/tablet/smartphone
  • printer and paper
  • a deck of cards or cardboard
  • buttons, tiny stones, beads, scrap paper, tissue

You have the necessary supplies to make artist trading cards.

Skills?  if you know how to:

  • use scissors
  • how to squeeze glue
  • use the internet
  • download and print an image

Then you have the skills to make artist trading cards.

Simple isn’t it?  

For this lesson, I’ve broken it up into two separate art projects to make it super easy for you.  The elements can be combined based on what you have.

The artist trading cards will both feature

  • a beautiful gypsy lady which is free to download, thanks to the Graphics Fairy (link is in supply list below)
  • inspirational quotes, which are also in each of the supply lists
  • embellishments – you pick and choose what you want to use
  • tissue and paper prints for the background (which you can also download for free at the Graphics Fairy)

Ready to Make Some Artist Trading Cards!

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