In the second part of the Vintage Gypsy Artist Trading Cards project, this design includes a different technique.    The addition of a transparent layer of cracked film.

If you missed the first part, go to that lesson first, then come back to this one.  There are links to both projects on the pages so you won’t get lost.

What I love about this miniature art is the transparent texture, simple embellishments, subtle print in the background and the beautiful vintage edging and quote.

Now don’t panic if you don’t have any of the cracking medium, or if you aren’t a fan of it.  

You can try this:  

  • use cling wrap and glue some spots to the card
  • or you can apply a few layers of varnish to wax paper, let dry and peel off.  It should crack and you can collage that onto your artist trading cards.

Ready to Make Some Artist Trading Cards!

Ready to Make This?

Creating Artist Trading Cards with the Look of Cracked Glass

What did you think?

Did you like the idea of the cracked glass effect?  what about the addition of a simple key?  let me know in the comments below as it helps me create project videos that you enjoy watching.