If you’re not sure how to make an Artist Trading Card, here is a free mini class with 2 projects to help get you started.

You’re likely heard the term Artist Trading Card or ATC right?  every wonder what it’s all about and what the heck is a swap?

In this 4 part class, you will learn what artist trading cards are, how to make them, you’ll get to make 2 of your own using whatever supplies you have and learn what a swap is.

A warning though…making artist trading cards can be addictive.

In the first lesson, you’ll learn what an artist trading card is and what a swap is all about.  Then when you are done the first lesson, scroll down for the remaining three.

Once you’ve watched the intro video above, scroll down and watch the supplies video and the 2 project videos.

What's Next?

Take a picture of what you made and post it in the community so we can give you a huge “thumbs up”

Don’t be shy, you’ll only get praise in the community!