I received an email a few days ago from a lady, (I’ll call her Mary to protect her privacy) who was super excited about all the things she was learning from me, but expressed apprehension in participating in the ATC (artist trading cards) swaps I’m hosting.  So here is a small challenge on how to make super simple artist trading cards for beginners!

Mary didn’t think she was good enough to create a miniature art piece to give to someone.  First.. so untrue, she makes wonderful art, but it’s that inner critic, the little voice in our head that can be so damaging to an artist…especially a beginner.

So I’m going to break it down into a series of posts starting with “how to make two simple artist trading cards” which is geared towards beginners.  To make it even easier, you can download a “printer friendly” supply list below.  So let’s get cracking.

When creating artist trading cards, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the pretty pictures on Pinterest and Instagram.  

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’d like you to try this exercise to go along with the video lesson.  

  • Find something as your base.  It has to be 2.5″ x 3.5″ and for this lesson, I’m using a playing card. 
  • If you are reading my blog, you likely have some types of paints, so get out some white paint or gesso.
  • You’ll need something to glue stuff down with, so use whatever you have on hand.
  • Pick a focal point.  
  • Pick one contrasting colour to match our focal point. 
  • Pick something to collage with to break up the background and create visual interest.
  • Pick three accent pieces.

Note #1: Specific supplies that I used in the video lesson are listed in the printable supply list.

Note #2:  Having a bunch of backgrounds prepared in advance is always recommend when creating artist trading cards.  Check out the Book of Backgrounds series for instant backgrounds for any type of art and specifically, here is one that has a sanded chalky finish look to it and here is the inspirational artist trading card I made with the background.

You can see how the little things can make simple artist trading cards look so beautiful.  

Maybe it’s not that the artist trading cards are simple, it’s using simple embellishments that make them beautiful.

Super Simple
Artist Trading Cards for Beginners

Let’s Make These

Super Simple Artist Trading Cards 

artist trading cards for beginners

I have a question for you...

Have you made artist trading cards before?  

  • if not, what is stopping you from creating artist trading cards?  does something have you stuck?   
  • if so, what is a tip you can share with other readers?

Please share in the comments below.