Swap Theme – Steampunk Birds

  • Create the art piece sized at 4x6
  • There are many places for free steampunk inspiration and printables for collage, here are just a few:
  • Use any style or technique you want and any base that you want.
  • Create the artwork on one side and the other side is to include your name, the date and the swap name.
  • The swap piece is to be mailed in an envelope to the partner I will assign the day after the swap deadline.
  • You only need to create one swap piece.
  • The words “I’m not good enough” are not allowed in the decision of whether or not to participate.
  • Many swappers include extra “happy mail” with their swap such as paper bits, tissue etc.  Please note that this is not mandatory.   
  • IMPORTANT:  Please create your swap piece first, THEN signup.  This ensures I don’t have to keep creating extra pieces or relying on volunteer Angel swappers to make up extras, who BTW are amazing!

Join the Swap!

Mailing Deadlines

  • Signup deadline is March 19th
  • Partner assignments will be emailed out the afternoon of March 20th
  • Swap must be mailed before March 30th
  • You will receive swap art from the same person you are sending to
  • You are to email your swap partner when the swap art has been mailed
  • Before signing up, make sure you have read this entire page.
  • Signup link will be posted shortly.

Please fill out the form carefully.  How you enter your information in the form is how it will be addressed on the envelope.  DO NOT FILL IN THE FORM IN ALL LOWER OR ALL UPPER CASE.  Use proper case please.


    To keep shipping costs down, I try to assign partners that are in the same geographic location. But it's not always possible depending on who signs up, so by signing up, you agree to mail to the partner assigned to you, regardless of their location.
  • You are confirming that your swap piece is now ready for mailing and that you will mail it before the deadline on the signup page and to the partner that is assigned to me regardless of their location. Once you click submit, it may take a few seconds to be redirected to the confirmation page.


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