Swap Theme for November 2018
Inner Critic Eviction Notice

  • Create an Artist Trading COIN
  • Coin must be 2.5″ round
  • Use any style or technique you want, paint, collage, embellishments… whatever turns your crank.
  • Create the artwork on one side and the other side is to include your name, the date and the swap name
  • The swap piece is to be mailed in an envelope to the partner I will assign the day after the swap deadline
  • You only need to create one swap piece
  • The words “I’m not good enough” are not allowed in the decision of whether or not to participate
  • Many swappers include extra “happy mail” with their swap such as paper bits, tissue etc.  Please note that this is not mandatory – it’s optional.


  • Create your swap piece first, THEN signup.  This ensures I don’t have to keep creating extra pieces or relying on volunteer Angel swappers to make up extras, who BTW are amazing!
  • Since Canada Post is on strike, I will be pairing up Canadian swappers with each other due to the delays in mailing.   If you are outside of Canada and don’t mind being paired up with a Canadian and delayed mail, please indicate this in the comments area in the signup form below.

Join the Swap!

Mailing Deadlines

  • Signup deadline is November 19th at noon EST
  • Partner assignments will be emailed out the afternoon of November 20th
  • Swap must be mailed before November 30th
  • You are to email your swap partner or send a direct message inside the community when your swap piece has been mailed.  When receiving this message, please acknowledge it, so your partner knows you received their email/message.
  • You will receive swap art from the same person you are sending to
  • Before signing up, make sure you have read this entire page.

The Swap is Now Closed.

Next Swap will be posted on December 1st.