Book of Backgrounds Featured Artist – Anita

Artist Spotlight

I got an email from Anita who is going through my Book of Background series. She had a question about a specific background she was working on and with her permission, I’m so happy to share it with you along with a little more about her and some creative ideas.

Here’s a mini interview I did with Anita.

Q: How did you enjoy the process of creating your own background based on the Book of Background designs?

A: I really enjoyed the process of making my first background. I was excited as i had no idea of what you were going to explain and where i would end with my creation. The video might be a little long, but i really like it the way it is. I like the extra explanation you give.  It surprised me that the materials i used reacted different from the ones used in the video. Until i found out after asking why….. I had used acrylics in stead of aquarelle paint.

Q: What brands and supplies did you use?

A: Materials used are:

  • Strathmore mixed media book
  • Amsterdam Expert and Standard series Acryllic paint
  • Art Creation Gesso (Royal Talens)
  • A flat “mixed fitch” brush no 24
  • A flower mask
  • And lots of water


Q:  What are some ideas of what you might do with the background?

A:  I might use them as postcards, just the way they are. At this moment I don’t want to add a drawing or anything over them… or i can leave them like this for a while, being the start of my Book of Background

Artist Comments

I was thinkin…..I never thought of taking paint off…I was very surprised about that too….What I have also learned is….being patient….waiting until the paint is dry (I dont have a heating tool, so that took loads of patience hahah)

To watch the video,  click here and go to the video directly on You Tube.

My own personal comments…

I am so IN LOVE with this background spread.  I love the flow of the colours, the impressions and the colour combinations.  What do you think?

Please show your support and share your comments below on what you would make with this background.