New Challenge for you.. the 2 Minute Kitchen Sketch

Making myself a cup of coffee, I find myself always looking around my kitchen at all the wonderful “shapes” are around me. The shape of the coffee pot, the negative space between nooks and crannies…all that stuff. So I figured I’d sit in the kitchen to do some fast and furious sketching.

How the Death of my Dog Helped me Teach People to Draw Better

Many times I will come across someone who loves to draw. She is proud of her ideas and when I’m shown these drawings, I notice facial, figure and animal drawings that are out of proportion. I don’t ever have to say anything because within seconds, I will hear “I know the nose is too long” or “the eyes are too far apart” and “the ears are too big”. When I ask how they started their drawing, most of the time it’s from a photo or a magazine which is fine, because we all can’t draw from life. When I ask how they worked out their outline sketch, this is where it gets interesting:

Portrait of Wilf – as taught at the Coast to Coast Convention

This is the pet portrait I was teaching at the Coast to Coast Creative Arts Convention on May 5th. I was debating putting in the scratch on Wilf’s nose and the crooked whiskers, but that’s what gives him character. With this portrait, there was a lot of wild fur on the outside, so I cropped it tight to focus on the

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