How the Death of my Dog Helped me Teach People to Draw Better

Many times I will come across someone who loves to draw. She is proud of her ideas and when I’m shown these drawings, I notice facial, figure and animal drawings that are out of proportion. I don’t ever have to say anything because within seconds, I will hear “I know the nose is too long” or “the eyes are too far apart” and “the ears are too big”. When I ask how they started their drawing, most of the time it’s from a photo or a magazine which is fine, because we all can’t draw from life. When I ask how they worked out their outline sketch, this is where it gets interesting:

Portrait of Wilf – as taught at the Coast to Coast Convention

This is the pet portrait I was teaching at the Coast to Coast Creative Arts Convention on May 5th. I was debating putting in the scratch on Wilf’s nose and the crooked whiskers, but that’s what gives him character. With this portrait, there was a lot of wild fur on the outside, so I cropped it tight to focus on the

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