In this video tutorial, I’m creating something I’ve never done before, collaging stamped tissue to a stone for outdoor use. I’ll also be adding thick gel medium to the stone to look like water.

Pressure is on as I only have “one” piece of this stamped tissue.

Thanks to Cheryl for gifting me a whole bunch of happy mail!

Ready to make this? This is what I used:

Substrate: flat rock

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
-Phthalo Green-Blue – DMFA24
-Phthalo Blue – DMFA23
-Ultramarine Blue – DMFA43
-Hansa Yellow Light – DMFA16
-Burnt Sienna – DMFA02
-Titanium White – DMFA39

Prep, Mediums and Finish
Americana Decou-Page Outdoor – DS117

DecoArt Americana Premium Mediums:
-White Gesso – DTAM07
-Heavy Gel Medium Gloss – DTAM02

Brushes: Royal Aqualon
-#8 & 10 Shader – R2150
-#6 Round – R2250

-Stamped image on tissue paper
-Paper Towels
-Grey Palette Paper
-Charcoal Pencil

How to Collage Stamped Tissue on a Stone

What did you think?

Have you ever collaged on stone?  If not, do you think this might be something to try?  if you have tried it, what did you like about the process?  please share in the comments below.