1. Tissue Flowers

Let’s face it: as soon as the New Year arrives, a lot of us are looking ahead to spring, even if the harshest weeks of winter might still be ahead! Turning the calendar makes us think of the weather warming up, the outdoors becoming more inviting, and gardens blooming. There are all kinds of ways to make flower-themed crafts, but we’d recommend considering some of the early spring flowers you might be looking forward to and attempting to replicate them with tissue paper in an arrangement of your choice. It’s a nice way to usher in that spring image early.

wreath easy crafting project

2. Wreaths

Despite the above comments on flowers, January and February still feel a lot like winter in many places, which can make a winter wreath the perfect crafting project. You can make a base hoop out of just about anything, and then adorn it with winter greens, holly, etc.

3. Wine Bottle Lights

You can buy all kinds of lights to fill your empty wine bottles from the holiday season. To make the effect even cooler, however, try sticking cut, dark paper to the exterior of the bottle (or painting it) such that given shapes show up in the light.

4. Glittering Lantern

For another idea involving creative lighting, you can keep a holiday-esque image alive by designing glittering lanterns to turn on at night. Two Delighted gave us this idea and outlined what you’ll need and how to make it work. As a bonus, these lanterns can also be lovely for outdoor use during spring cookouts.

5. Painted Furniture

This isn’t a full-fledged crafting project, but buying plain wooden furniture is a wonderful idea this time of year. You can paint and decorate as you choose, and wind up with the new look for your home that a lot of people want this time of year anyway.

painted furniture easy crafting project
6. Wooden Wall Art

This is a fairly expansive concept, but if you’re looking for a new crafting project it’s always a good time to try your hand at woodworking. Rather than jumping straight into furniture or complex projects, however, focus on some basic wall art in the form of symbols or objects: picture frames, anchors, crossed skis, etc.

7. Poker Chip Pendants

Poker is “back” after the release of the latest Aaron Sorkin film Molly’s Game, and it’s actually surprisingly artistic source material. There’s a whole world of variants on poker and if you look through them you’ll find different sequences and patterns, different emphasized suits, different types of hands, etc. It can give you some nice ideas for poker-themed crafts, though the go-to in this regard is to dress up chips and turn them into pendants (you’ll find examples on Pinterest).

8. DIY Flip Flops

This isn’t so much an artistic crafting project, but it’s something you can do on your own, and now’s the time to do it. There are numerous DIY flip flop options out there, and starting on the project now lands you with some excellent warm weather casual footwear for the months ahead.

Valentine’s Day Mason Jars easy crafting project
9. Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

This is another idea we’re borrowing, in this case from Country Living, which actually compiled a list of 25 Valentine’s Day mason jars that make for fun crafting projects. These are good to get a move on with, as Valentine’s Day actually tends to roll around pretty quickly.

10. Yarn Vases

You may as well get ready for real spring flowers, and one way to do so is to make some creative vases on your own. One idea is to basically make a yarn container by wrapping yarn soaked in water and glue around an existing vase (or similar container) and then use the yarn as something to put a potted plant into. But again, this is just one idea out of innumerable homemade vase concepts.