Dark Side of Vintage – Types of Journals


Hi everyone,

I thought I’d revive this post due to the new Book of Background series starting up.  With the Dark Side of Vintage Project done a couple of years ago, the first covered off was the different types of art journals you can use.   As with all projects, if you don’t want to do the project in an art journal, that is totally fine, you can create the project as a series on masonite, canvas, mixed media paper.. whatever you want.

In this first video, there is no lesson, but I’m showing a variety of different types of art journals that I’ve made and I go over some store bought ones too. Videos on making your own journals are available on my blog and You Tube channel.

  • making a journal out of a single sheet (22×30) of watercolour paper using the pamphlet stitch. (Pamphlet Journal)
  • making a journal out of recycled newspaper (Making a Journal from Newspaper)
  • making an expanding journal – this one is my favourite as you work on individual supports (w/c paper, cardstock, mixed media paper, terra skin) so you can mix and match your support and after the art is created, then you bind it. This makes it easy to add pieces wherever you want in the journal and remove pages. (Making an Expanding Journal)

So let’s get started.