DecoArt Media Mister sprays are one of the new product lines by DecoArt.

They product line has just a few colours, so in this video, I’m using red, yellow and blue to create a variety of greens for my mixed media art.

DecoArt Media Mister Green

DecoArt Media Mister products can be combined with other colours to build a larger colour theme.

  • can be layered for multi-dimensional effects
  • semi-transparent to transparent
  • permanent when dry
  • acid-free
  • water-based, soap and water cleanup
  • can be dripped, brushed on or sprays

Although there is a Yellow Green mister, it’s always nice to know how to get even more colour mixes by knowing a few basics:


Here are the colours you’ll need to create regular green mixes:

  • Primary Cyan Mister – DMM01
  • Primary Yellow Mister – DMM03
  • Red Mister – DMM06

To create shimmery greens, you can experiment with this colours:

  • Turquoise Shimmer Mister – DMM09
  • Yellow Shimmer Mister – DMM11
  • Violet Shimmer Mister – DMM10

To really get different types of greens, mix a regular mister with a shimmer mister:

  • Primary Cyan Mister – DMM01 +  Primary Yellow Mister – DMM03 + Turquoise Shimmer Mister – DMM09
  • Orange Mister – DMM05 + Violet Shimmer MIster – DMM10
  • Primary Yellow Mister – DMM03 + Yellow Shimmer Mister – DMM11
  • Primary Magenta Mister – DMM02 + Primary Yellow Mister – DMM03 + Yellow Shimmer Mister – DMM11

Experiment with tiny amounts to start, make up your swatch cards and write down what you’ve done so you have a record.

What do you use?

Do you use any spray products in your art?  share in the comments below.