I was intending on naming this video “how to setup a wet palette in under 60 seconds” but it’s going to take me 5 times longer explaining the benefits of doing this 🙂

Using a wet palette setup saves you money because your acrylic paints stay wet longer. Problem with the traditional wet palettes is depending on how you use them, your paints end up being too watery. I mean, acrylics are already temperamental with drying time, we don’t need to make it worse right?

I used to spend a ton of money on wet palette materials, special trays, special sponges, special papers, all to throw them out a few months later. In this quick video tutorial, I’ll show you how I setup my wet palette for on and off camera use using good old fashioned paper towels.  Using paper towels for a palette sounds kinda funky, so give it a try just once and see if it helps keep your acrylics open a bit longer.

For this demonstration, I’ll be setting up my wet palette using DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics and the DecoArt Americana Premium Medium – Extender.  I’ll be showing tempered glass and grey palette paper as my main mixing palette, you’ll need thick paper towels and clean, room temperature water.

DIY Stay Wet Palette

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