Here’s a DIY wall art project that you can take your favourite photo and use some mixed media techniques to turn it into something really unique with your own sense of home decor style.

If you’re bored with the same old photo wall art that looks like everyone else? give this diy wall art project a try.

diy wall art

My inspiration for this diy wall art was a packaging photo I had found, of these two little girls exploring what looks like to be a rock garden.  I was imagining my Grandkids Ava and Wolfe in that photo and how they love to explore the outdoors.  They live so far away, I don’t get to see them that often, so I’m using this opportunity to create a design that can be used with various combinations of photos.

Any time I experiment, I turned to my Book of Backgrounds.  I’m curious about background #47, using a gelli plate printing idea with a spider web trim and the background, although dark, has the really interesting patterns.  Ava loves music, so music paper had to be included and Wolfe likes Dragonflies.  To get away from a die-cut quote, I’m pulling inspiration that the grandkids live in the country, that’s where the burlap came in and the quote “explore” was an easy one.

Not keen on diy wall art?  this project is so flexible that you can create it not only as mixed media wall art, but into a handmade greeting card as well.  Change up the elements and you can come up with a ton of greeting card ideas with various theme and seasonal combinations for friends, family or to sell.

Upcycle other art for the backgrounds, or create the same background using a gelli plate and if you can’t find spider web trim, just use string or twine.

It’s that simple.

DIY Wall Art

Ready to Make This?

diy wall art

What did you think?

I’ve got to know, how many crazy selfie photos do you have?  Share in the comments below.

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