Do You Have Time to be Creative?

Art Inspiration and Motivation

Setting the Stage

Do you have time to be creative in the morning?I just got out of bed, trudging my way downstairs to feed Chaos, trying to avoid stepping on her…well…because she’s meowing and doing that kitty kat rub they do when it’s feeding time.

Coffee is made, drinking Seattle’s Best #3 this morning because I need that extra boost of Caffeine and then it hit me…

“it’s almost the middle of December!”  That woke me up faster then any cup of coffee.

Where did the time go?

I know what sound silly because we still have the same 24 hours in each day, every day. For me, time flies by when I’m busy doing stuff, whether it’s

  • drawing
  • journaling
  • creating greeting cards
  • ATC’s
  • blogging
  • or helping a creative setup their own home based business

This time of the year is a busy time for many people with Christmas parties, visiting friends and family and of course, buying Christmas gifts for loved ones.

christmas crafts and cheer

It’s also a time for reflection of what happened in 2015 and what your goals are for 2016, but it’s easy to lose site of your goals.

  • do you want to learn a new art technique?
  • do you want to master a skill you already have?
  • do you want to learn how to make some extra money from your art skills?
  • or heck…do you want to learn a new language?

If you’re reading this, you ARE a creative.

You’re a maker!

It’s in your DNA to make something, but with all the other stuff going on, how can you find the time to stay creative?


Just answer one question:  on a scale of 1-10, where does making something rank?  If it’s 6 or higher, you’re in luck!

I have a challenge for you!

If it’s lower than 6, keep reading and maybe you’ll be inspired.

7 Day Challenge

  • Get yourself a 5×7 lineless journal.  Don’t want to buy one?  make one. I have videos on my blog on making your own art journal.
  • Strap your favourite pen to it. Mine is a Uni-ball Signo Micro 207.  It just glides on paper like eggs on a brand new Teflon frying pan.
  • Carry it with you at all times or at least have it in your sight at all times.

draw in a journal

Everytime you have a creative idea, doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as:

  • how to arrange your breakfast, lunch or supper plate
  • thinking about your next painting
  • or drawing
  • a jewelry piece to make as a gift

If it involves your hands, sketch it out in your journal.  Who cares if you can’t draw, the point is to get your idea down on paper.

Scribble, doodle, scratch in some notes.  Use 1, 2 or 5 pages.. doesn’t matter, just get it down.

Don’t try to be perfect!

When you’re done, date each page.

You may be asking:

I thought this was about finding time to be creative!  well, you can do this spontaneously or planned…

  • while having coffee or tea
  • during breakfast, lunch or supper
  • while watching the news
  • while waiting in line
  • or even while doing the dishes…watching all those bubbles pop and take on new shapes

time for creating somethingJust keep doing this for 7 days

When you find yourself so full of inspiration, that sketching just isn’t enough anymore, you’re craving to make something, grab your journal, go into your creative space, flip through your pages and find the one thing that stands out and go for it.

You won’t have to waste time figuring out what to make.

You’ve done all the hard work already.


Some more tips to make it even easier for you:

  • Have your supplies out and ready so you don’t have to set anything up.  Everything is ready for you at an instant.
  • Clean up when you’re done so your creative space is ready for your next inspiration and you won’t waste time cleaning and then losing interest.
  • Dress up your creative space with your favourite props such as candles, glass jars and pretty things that make you feel good.  Who wants to be creative in a drab space?

Not me!

So now you have some ideas and to put you on the spot.

Only think about this for a few seconds…

  • Don’t over think it
  • Don’t make excuses
  • It doesn’t matter what your current situation is

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind that you’d like to make and create?

Share in the comments below.