This lesson is being created for someone special, who has told me she loves creating ATC’s because she’s super busy, but she wants to get into doing some easy abstract art because it’s easier and faster to do and she doesn’t have to focus so much on composition, technique and making something realistic.

I won’t call her out by name, I’ll wait to have her jump in the comments below and say “hey, that’s me”.  But even if you’re not her, it’s ok to say “hey, this is for me too”, because I’m pretty sure we’d all love to create some easy abstract art, using our own personal style, just to be creative.

Do you know that creating some type of easy abstract art is a great way to experiment

Always ask the question…”what if…”

You can play with products, you can play with mediums, you can use up all those buttons and bits and bobs…

easy abstract art for beginners using texture

you can use up all that special fabric and trim you’ve been hoarding in a storage box just waiting for the perfect time to use them. 

what about that special sheer material that’s always seems to be too nice to use?

(yes I see you)

Although this video is showing you how to create abstract art and it’s focused towards beginners, it’s going to be done in a way that you can be proud to hang it up on a wall or use it as a cover for an art journal. 

The theme is going to be texture and I was so inspired by a piece of plastic corrugated board (coroplast) and it was attached to the box of the TV that Joe just bought and it’s a simple piece of black plastic.  

You can find inspiration in the strangest places.

easy abstract art for beginners using texture

You can use corrugated cardboard, look around the house and PLEASE, do not buy this stuff.

It’s around your home and if you don’t have any, many grocery stores are more than willing to let you take their cardboard packaging after they’ve stocked their shelves. 

For example, in Hamilton, we have stores such as Food Basics and No Frills that have the cardboard boxes in a long trough so people can use them for their groceries (no need to buy plastic bags).  


Easy Abstract Art for Beginners Using Texture

Just cut up the corrugated cardboard to a size you like and BOOM you’re ready. 

I recommend that you keep it around 8×10 so you can get it done quickly if this is your first time trying the technique. 

Use whatever texture you have on hand…I used gauze from a first aid kit because I have lots, which is why I’m not allowed to use a knife when cutting cardboard…thank you Joe 🙂

You can use an old pillow case, a shirt or even paper towels.  Tearing it creates a truly random shape and doesn’t look so perfect.

easy abstract art for beginners using texture
easy abstract art for beginners using texture

That hardest part is being patient while everything dries.

For this specific lesson, you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes creating this (not including drying time of course).

Use what you have and don’t be afraid to experiment…but if you can take anything away from this lesson:


Perfection is something that is non-existent and it’s your inner critic just yammering on because she’s had a bad day.

Count down…5-4-3-2-1 and just GO DO IT.

Easy Abstract Art for Beginners Using Texture

Ready to make this? This is what I used:

Substrate: Cardboard packaging cut 6″ x 9″.

You can also use corrugated cardboard, canvas, masonite..anything that is study and can accept acrylics. You can even upcycle existing art.

Palette: DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
-Raw Umber (PBr7) – DMFA37
-Phthalo Green (PG7) – DMFA24
-Quinacridone Burnt Orange (PR206) – DMFA31
-Quinacridone Magenta (PR122) – DMFA35
-Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42) – DMFA42
-Metallic Gold – DMFA49

Mediums: DecoArt Media
-White Gesso – DMM18
-White Modeling Paste – DMM21
-Matte Medium – DMM20

Collage: Gauze (you can use anything that’s pliable)

Brushes – Flat Synthetic and Bristle

-Palette knife
-Palette paper
-Paper towels/baby wipes
-Scissors/X-acto knife

Let me know what you think...

Have you ever created an abstract piece before?   what drove you to create an abstract piece? please share in the comments below.