Mad Artist Scientist at Work Engraving with Gesso!

Painting, Techniques

Ok, so yeah, I was a bit mad and in a crazy way when I was doing this.  It’s not for everyone and I’m going to challenge you try it, especially if you’re not fond of the background.  Try it with your favourite colours and think of it as a foundation piece to build a piece of artwork on later on.  This can be done on any type of flat support, such as a wood panel, canvas, paper or journal.  If it can take acrylic paint, you can use it.

I continue on with my experiments in creating artistic backgrounds. I love anything with texture, so carving into gesso and then applying beautiful tropical blues and a dry brush technique, really made a nice background piece.  It only took about 15 minute to make this and it would have been faster if I wasn’t talking.

Side Note:  The materials used in the video, I no longer use.

For Gesso, use any good quality Gesso such as Liquitex Basics or make your own to play.  If you want to have some real fun, substitute Gesso for modeling paste that has been thinned down just a touch.

Any paint will do, experiment and have fun with what you have.  Don’t rush out and buy anything new.

Please share your creations in the private Facebook group, I can’t wait to see what kind of Mad Art Scientist you are!