Request an Invitation to Join the “Art Place Group of Introverted Artists” Private Facebook Group

  • Due to the massive increase in requests to join my private Facebook group (many are from people who intend on spamming), effective April 16, 2017, all join requests are done by invitation only. If approved, I will personally add you to my private Facebook group. Any join requests from the Facebook group directly will be declined.

    This type of behaviour is not permitted in the group and will result in removal without warning.

    • Art or photographs featuring nudity is not permitted
    • Spam, rude comments, critism or harsh images is not permitted
    • Advertising other artists or other Facebook groups is not permitted
    • Absolutely no political or religious discussions in the group. There are other groups out there for these types of topics.
    • No advertising whatsoever, which includes your Facebook page, YouTube Channel, website/blog etc. If someone asks you for your information, you can post it in the form of an answer.
    • If you are in a craft show or art show, contact me first before posting.
    • There are many Facebook groups out there that allow mass commercial advertising, my group isn't one of them.
    • I post tutorials, art lessons and challenges on a regular basis. These are for personal use only and may not be shared or distributed in any way, shape of form without my expressed written consent.
    • If you ask for advice on your artwork, please note that comments in the form of critiques are permitted.
    • All posts must be written in English.

    My goal is to have a small group of engaged creatives, actively sharing, participating in discussions and sharing pictures of their art. I do not want a large group of lurkers. In saying that, it's common to lurk for a few days to get a feel of a group before posting. Your first post in the group upon approval should be an introduction to let everyone know a bit about you. If you only intend on lurking and not actively participating, this group is not for you.

    Although I try to read every post in the group, it's impossible for me to see everything, so if there is something that you want me to look at specifically, please tag me in your post.

    Please report any inappropriate posts as soon as you see them.

  • I need this in order to add you to the group. Your link will look something like this: ""


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