In part 1, you learned how to make super simple artist trading cards which was geared towards beginners and in this lesson, you will learn how to make fortune cookie artist trading cards with combined texture.  Most of all, keeping it simple in how we build it, but adding complexity to the elements really pushes the artist trading cards to a new level.

I’m going to post the list again so you can refresh yourself on what you’ll need.

  • Find something as your base.  Artist trading cards have to be 2.5″ x 3.5″ in size and for this lesson, I’m using pieces of corrugated cardboard from packing boxes that I have. 
  • White acrylic paint or White Gesso
  • You’ll need something to glue stuff down with, so use whatever you have on hand
  • You’ll need some paint, how about something metallic
  • Pick a focal point
  • Pick a collage element
  • Pick an accent piece
  • Print a quote

Note #1: Specific supplies that I used in the video lesson are listed in the printable supply list.

Note #2:  I’ve you want to make something bigger, check out this mixed media collage art project which is 4×4, uses corrugated cardboard and is embellished with junk, yet it’s beautiful.

Fortune Cookie Artist Trading Cards - Finished

By using ripped corrugated cardboard, you can pretty well guarantee that your artist trading cards will always have a unique and different background.  Well, unless you tear the paper off the exact same way, every single time.  You can also use string in the background to create a base for your focal point… hmmm I can see a “part 3” lesson starting to develop in my mind!

Once you’ve tried this and want to try something a bit bigger, check out these 4×4 mixed media pieces made from junk.

How to Make
Fortune Cookie Artist Trading Cards

Let’s Make These

Fortune Cookie Artist Trading Cards 

Fortune Cookie Artist Trading Cards

I have an easy question for you...

I’d like to know if you are you a fan of using gold metallic paint, trim, paper or anything shiny in your artwork?  If so, what do you use?  If not, what do you use to glam up your artwork?  please share in the comments below.