Everyday, the concept of “getting healthy” is being shoved in our faces.  The latest exercise equipment, the magic pill for weight-loss or how to lose 25lbs by eating chocolate!

The ones that make me laugh are these exercise ‘things’ that the spokesperson claims to guarantee success, but wait, there’s more!   Not all of us have $2,000 to spend on exercise equipment that lets us work parts of our body with little effort.  Hey, I have an idea…go for a walk twice a day and make some changes on what you eat and how you cook your food! 

Going outside is free, you get fresh air and you’re working out your “whole” body, including your brain.

Changes on what you eat just takes research or a visit with a Nutritionist at your Doctors office.

How you cook your food, also takes research and you can find most of it on the Internet.  You can check out Village Bakery which has homestyle cooking tips and resources to give you a jump start.


Let me tell you a little story…

Mia and I went on a walk in the spring on a quest to find a lost dog. 

I loaded myself up with distraction treats (for Mia, not me), put on my good walking shoes and off we went. 

I made a conscious effort to try and walk fast enough so Mia was at a slow trot and not a walk.  

Good for her and good for me.  I watched her looking around, staring down the Robin on the sidewalk, pouncing on a leaf that blew by (yeah, leaves are more important than walking in a heel position) and looking up at the sky when an airplane flew by.   Mia was trotting and looking around all all these things, but wasn’t distracted to the point of ignoring me if I gave her a “watch me” command, because a tiny treat was the reward.  She’s such a good girl!

We continued to walk and I found myself spotting all within 30 seconds:

a cute little Chipmunk scurring up a tree

a Blue Jay perched on the lower branch

above the Blue Jay, a quirky and interesting semi-broken branch that would make for a really cool accent in a large floor vase

in the distance behind that branch, was the window to a house with some really pretty curtains…hmmm I’d love to get new curtains

My brain got such a workout just by looking and naturally following the path of “things”.  We continued the walk and found myself doing this over and over again.

After about an hour, Mia and I ended up at Mount Albion waterfall where we took a moment to rest.  Mia plunked herself on one of the really big rocks and just looked around. Not one of her most proud photography moments!   What I observed were families visiting this amazing tourist attraction (which is minutes from my home), some taking pictures, most people were buried in their smart phone texting or doing whatever and of course the lovebirds playing kissy kissy as if nobody was watching.  

Taking stock of how I was feeling and although I was getting tired, I felt great!   Now, I can guarantee you that the way I was feeling at that moment, I have never, ever felt like that using my treadmill. 


it’s really simple… on the treadmill, I’m looking at a wall, maybe the TV is on, or I’m listening to music and doing the treadmill thing. 

How inspiring is that?  But, on my walk, my brain was getting so much of a workout as I was looking around and my body got the same working because I was keeping my pace fast enough so Mia was at a gentle trot.

Keeping with the topic of “getting healthy”, because the walks outside are so mentally and physically satisfying, some of the most creative ideas pop into my head during these walks.  I carry my smartphone to voice record something that is mega inspiring and to take some quick pictures.  Mia gets the same type of benefits that I do and the best part…the walk didn’t cost me a plunk nickle.

Updated side note:  I recently saw an episode of Chef Michael Smith using a fancy cooking method called Sous Vide, which really intrigued me.  I looked it up, did some research and here’s a website called Sous Vide Wizard that has a ton of information on the cooking method including some free videos.

I'd love to hear from you...

I would love to hear your stories of an interesting walk you’ve been on that inspired some type of creativity.  Please share in the comments below.