Are you ready for the holidays?

The holidays are around the corner and I don’t know if you’re anything like me… you LOVE the idea of making your own holiday decor accessories, but oh it’s so much easier just going to the store.  

Yeah, then you don’t find what you’re looking for…

Not your style…

Not your price range…

Not your colours…

Is it really worth making your own holiday decor accessories?


Here’a list of 5 DIY holiday decor accessories you can make, even if you are on a budget.

diy holiday decor


Get some fake or real pine cuttings, branches and pine cones.  Spray paint them white and while the paint is wet, sprinkle on some glitter. 

Tie the cuttings and branches with some red ribbon and glue the pine cones to the branches.


Have a mish-mash of tree ornaments?  spray them your favourite colour and glue them to a $ store wreath. 

You can also fill up a large glass vase or glass/wooden bowl with these ornaments for co-ordinated holiday decor.


Stop buying those cheapy cardboard advent calendars with the stale chocolates… tie off a ribbon around your tree or your mantle. 

Take 25 tiny little buckets (from the $ store) and stencil numbers 1-25 on them.  Hang on the ribbon and fill with fancy candy or treats.


Create a series of pine cone trees, buy gluing little red berries on the pine cones and placing around your table, mantle and coffee table. 

Warning… kitty kats love knocking these down on the floor.   

Here’s another idea…you you have a collection of Mason Jars?  flippin’ heck.. I have at least 50.  Fill them up about 1/3 with cotton balls.  Then place one of the berry pine cones  inside the jar…what a pretty winter wonderland.


Gather a bunch of tree twigs and branches, cut them into 4″ pieces.  Glue and overlap them, forming a roundish shape, keep overlapping and build it so it’s about 3″ high.  Spray paint your favorite colour or leave natural.  Glue and tuck in some pine cuttings, berries, oddball ornaments and little birdies from the $ store. 

Tip:  if you want to place this outside, you’ll need to paint or spray an outdoor varnish on everything.

So there you have it…5 ideas that can transform your home into something right out of a home decor magazine.   Use your own style and colours to make it your own.

Are you ready for something really special? 

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