How Do You Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

Art Inspiration and Motivation

Peace of MindSpent all day working on a new membership learning site for a drawing course I designed and stopped dead in my tracks to ask myself “Where in the heck has the summer gone????

As I’m working away, taking a break right now, it’s nice to listen to nothing other than the hum of a fan and the birds chirping outside.   It’s so quiet outside… all the kids have gone back to school.  I tend to appreciate the quiet moments a little more now because there are some major projects coming up starting in a few weeks and I’m so excited to share it with you….well, no, won’t share it yet… but soon. :)

learning-to-cookHave you ever taken notice that your regular style has changed?

  • You have a recognizable writing style.
  • When someone sees your handcrafted greeting card, they instantly know it’s your design.
  • You are known for a fashion look.
  • You have a certain cooking style.
  • You have a signature design for jewelry.
  • When people see your artwork, they know it’s yours.

I used to be like that, but I get bored so easily and I’m always wanting to try something, not only for learning, because I love to learn new things, but to keep things fresh.

Learning to PaintRemembering a time when I painted using the same style, technique, medium and subjects, not so much because I liked it, but because I felt more comfortable.  As usual, when someone dares me to try something new, rarely do I pass up that opportunity…. but I’m always on edge when starting because I hated the feeling of failure.

Fast forward to the present…many, many years later now, when trying something new, I do it in smaller chunks so I’m not overwhelmed.  It also lessens the chances for failure because I’m building up the knowledge and practice slowly.  But who cares if I fail at a new art technique.  I now know what works and what doesn’t.

Perfectionism is something that affects so many people and I used to suffer from it.  It’s taken a long time, but it’s so much more pleasant to enjoy the journey.    I’ve adopted the mantra “the art police isn’t welcome to this party”!
Never Stop LearningIf you suffer from perfectionism, you can try to approach learning something new as “how can I make a mess?” or “how can I learn what not to do?”

The one thing that I really want to do is paint using a more impressionistic style, but find it extremely hard to do that since I draw pet portraits in a realistic style.  What helps me is creating small studies in a style that I want to work towards.  Small sketches or painting studies that are done very quickly works for me.

I’d love to know how you jump out of your comfort zone.