Do you know how to paint a blackbird?  

Do you know how to paint a blackbird on a black surface?  


But wait… the picture doesn’t look like it was done with black paint… the paint is blue-black!  

how to paint a blackbird

In this video, I was inspired to create a series of pages in my art journal with the focus on “black” and I’m calling this series “Imagine”.   Wanted to share my process with you and I hope you enjoy the video and gives you some ideas where to go from here.

The reference photo was from, but it seems that the image isn’t there anymore.  So go to and search for Ravens and choose the one you love the best.  At the time of writing, there were tons of Raven images.

To paint something black on a black support only works if you use a much lighter colour for accents and features.

Here’s my challenge to you!

Paint something black on a black page or canvas and when you’ve done it, please share a photo in my private Facebook Group!

How to Paint a Blackbird

Are you a fan?

Have you ever painted black on black before?  what was your biggest challenge?  please share in the comments below.