In part 2 of the series, you will learn how to paint a pear in acrylics in an art journal and you will be painting from a photograph.  Using an art journal is a great way to experiment with colour and mixed media without the added expense of practicing on a canvas and don’t get me started on storing all those practice canvases!

In part one of the series, you learned about painting a pear in acrylics.  

In this next lesson, you will explore colour, paint opacity and using background text.  Oh yeah, you’ll also be painting this much larger, but I’ll make it easy for you, you’ll be painting from a photograph to help you get started.

how to paint a pear in acrylics
how to paint a pear in acrylics
how to paint a pear in acrylics

What I learned was even using collage paper in the background, sometimes what you think you want, looks better if you go with your gut feeling.    I’m imagining if the background collage paper was very visible, it might have conflicted with the design of the pear…looking too busy.  Painting a pear in acrylics or even painting from a photograph can be done on any type of background such as a Book of Backgrounds page.  Keep that in mind especially if you are prototyping artwork that is leading up to a formal piece where you have limited supplies for that piece.

In saying this, in the next lesson, I will take what I’ve learned from part 1 (painting a pear in acrylics as miniature art) and part 2 (this lesson), to create a miniature version of the wall art and this lesson will be to prototype the physical structure of the design.

How to Paint a Pear in Acrylics

Ready to Make This?

painting from a photograph

Painting from a Photograph

What did you think?

When creating a piece of art based on “something”, let’s say a pear.  Do you usually freestyle it from memory or work from a photo or live subject?  Please share in the comments below.