Are you a beginner looking for tips, technique or a lesson on how to paint a tree or how to paint a winter scene ? Maybe you are an intermediate, looking for ways to spice a painting with more colour and texture?
how to paint a tree winter scene

In today’s lesson, you will learn not only how to paint a tree in a winter scene, but how to incorporate texture using crackle medium and splashes of colour for snowflakes for contrast. When I was learning how to draw and paint a tree the internet wasn’t available to the public yet  (now you have an idea on how old I am) and I had to go outside to learn… yes outside!  Mother Nature is the best teacher around. Looking at shapes, colour and texture can teach you a lot.  One thing Mother Nature can’t teach on you about how to paint a tree or how to paint a winter scene is when you sit down to paint, maybe a few minutes into it, the Perfectionist angel hovers on your shoulder and starts to whisper things like:

Before I forget… in the video, I do not edit out any mistakes because I want you to see how I fix them or work around them.  Mistakes is how you learn, so just go with the flow and learn as much as you can.

  • that branch isn’t straight
  • that’s the wrong green
  • that trunk looks crooked

and that my dear is the worst thing that can happen to you, especially if you are learning. Self doubt and self criticism are extremely destructive to the creative process and there are two things to remember as you are learning.

  1. you are learning a technique… the mechanics on how to paint a tree and the mechanics on how to paint a winter scene.  The brush, the paint, the stroke and how to hold a palette knife.
  2. you are learning composition…visually what makes something pleasing to “you”.

Personally, I feel that #1 is a left brain activity and #2 is a right brain activity and that’s where they collide.  You simply want to learn right? So here are some tips to make it super simple for you along with a video lesson on how to paint a tree in a winter scene using a whole bunch of texture which will force the painting “not to be perfect”.

How to Paint a Tree in a Winter Scene

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