When learning how to paint on rocks many, many years ago, the paint technology that’s available now would have made the learning experience so much more enjoyable.  Now you have paints made specifically for masonry, chalky finish paints and all surface paints.

But what if you don’t have all those paints?  it’s simple…use the paint you have and you’ll never go wrong with a good polyurethane outdoor varnish…just choose the finish you want!

Today, I’d like to show you how to paint on rocks using a chalky finish paint.  Specifically, we’ll be painting spirit stones.  I personally think that any type of art that conveys love and peace is spiritual.  Now, I’m not going all “woo woo” on you.  It just leads me into the making of spirit stones in this lesson.  More of inspiration stones, pretty stones…something that can be held in your hands, placed in a garden or tucked away on a shelf.  If you’re feeling adventurous, why not put it into a little bag, wrapped with tie and note and leave it somewhere public.  Art Abandonment is a movement just like this and it can make you feel so good that a stranger…someone you’ve never met will own your artwork, appreciating for a very long time.

How to Create Spirit Stones by Painting on Rocks

Ready to Make This?

painting on rocks spirit stones flower power

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Knowing what you know now about creating fun art, when you were a kid, would you have created art cards to trade with your friends?  please share in the comments below.