I was preparing a mixed media art swap and wanted to do something different.  So for this project, I wanted to feature the theme of the 60’s and the King of Rock and Roll.  

Now, if you are not a fan of the King, you can use any icon from the 60’s and build your mixed media art any way you want.

Kept it pretty simple, using corrugated cardboard, a cutout, stencil, stamps and some embellishments.  

You don’t have to have a ton of supplies to create something unique when it comes to mixed media art, it just takes a bit of imagination and I bet that’s where you are rolling your eyes.


What do you do when you have none?  well, we all have an imagination, just sometimes we need a bit of inspiration.

There is a difference…inspiration is something that sparks excitement in you.  Imagination is taking that spark of energy and making something out of it.

I must admit, when I was preparing for this project, I wasn’t the least bit interested, it felt kinda forced.  So already having my limited palette on the table, all my cubbies with embellishments and stuff have the lids off (out of sight, out of mind) and fresh water and clean brushes at the ready.  Pulled out my phone and went to Pinterest.  I did some searching for 60’s themes and the first thing that popped up with a framed image transfer of Elvis.  That was it, I knew what my subject had to be.  So from there, I didn’t want to do an image transfer, I wanted to keep this simple, yet not so simple it was boring.  Painting Elvis sorta freestyle on music paper.  Thinking of a song I really like made up the quote and the rest just happened.

I hope you try this project and change it up to your own style.


Mixed Media Art
Featuring the King of Rock and Roll!

Ready to Make This?

mixed media art

Who is your favourite pop icon from the 60's?

I have a few favs from the 60’s… who are your favourites?  please share in the comments below.