A great way to create backgrounds that are full of colour, but are diffused enough not to compete with your focal point is to use stencils and multiple layers of paint and collage.

In Book of Backgrounds #2, you’ll find a detailed supply list and a video showing exactly how I create a background that is so easy to do and can also serve as a visual prompt when you’re not sure what art to create.

Background Type:

  • Terra Skin
  • Rice Paper Scraps

Palette:  DecoArt Media

Fluid Acrylics

  • Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide – DMFA42
  • Transparent Red Iron Oxide – DMFA41
  • Quinacridone Gold – DMFA32
  • Raw Umber – DMFA37


  • Primary Magenta – DMM02
  • Purple – DMM07

Shimmer Misters

  • Turquoise – DMM09
  • Violet – DMM10
  • Yellow – DMM11


  • Americana Decou-Page Napkin Medium – DS126


Andy Skinner Mixed Media Stencils:

  • Industrial Elements – Andy107
  • Old Film – Andy04
  • Code Breaker – Andy02

Americana Decor Stencil:

  • Old French Script – ADS10


  • Royal Brush Soft-Grip – #8 Bristle Bright – SG1425
  • Royal Brush Aqualon – 1″ Wash Glaze – 2700
  • Royal Glue Brush – RD80

General Supplies

  • Royal Square Brush Basin – RD325
  • Royal Essentials Palette Paper – RD358
  • Royal Palette/Trowel Knives (LG2/LJG3)
  • Baby Wipes/Kitchen Wipes
  • Paper Towels
  • No-Stick Mat
  • Heat Gun

What did you think?

Do some ideas come to mind how you can take this further and create art on your newly created background?  let me know in the comments below.