When looking for the Staedtler Lumocolour Permanent Special pens, they must have a gold band on them with the word “special” imprinted.  The product code is 319.

  • For many special applications such as coated surfaces, nano coatings, optical glass, laboratory glass
  • Also for use on silicone, laminating film and newest generation of optical glass
  • Adheres to many special surfaces which other markers do not adhere to
  • The black Lumocolor permanent special F and M can also be used for textiles and wide variety of outdoor applications
  • Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces
  • Dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users
  • Colour-intensive, low-odour
  • Xylene and toluene-free ink
  • Extremely lightfast (on smooth surfaces: black for 7 years, red for 1 year; on paper considerably longer)
  • Black is weatherproof
  • Airplane-safe – automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
  • PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life

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