What do you do when you’re sitting at your art table, feeling kinda silly?

Let’s start making some abstract art, but not any abstract art… something that kids can do so they can trade with their friends.

I remember when Harrison was little, he would trade Pokemon cards with his friends.  I can’t imagine what the scene would look like if the group of kids were trading art cards instead of manufactured cards?  

They would be creating more instead of watching tv…but I digress.

Although I created this project as a miniature art piece that could be used to add onto another piece of mixed media art, or to be used as abstract art for an ATC, this project can be done by anyone, regardless of the skill level.  

Making Abstract Art

Ready to Make This?

Making Abstract Art

What did you think?

When you were a kid, would you have created art to trade instead of the store bought stuff?  share in the comments below.