DEC 2016

holiday theme

Guess what?  we get to make another miniature art project!

This design is super simple and you can change out just a couple of things to make it for any type of theme.

Although it’s for the holidays, you can:

  • change up St. Nick for another focal point
  • change the Rhinestone stars to tiny beads, sequins, buttons or dots of paint
  • print out your own quote using your favourite font on card stock.
  • don’t have white gesso, use white paint
  • don’t have black gesso, use black paint or mix up a blue and brown for Chromatic Black (black made with colour)

Want a good place to get free fonts, check out the supply list below.

miniature art
miniature art

Baby It’s Cold Outside
Miniature Art Project

Here’s What You’ll Need


  • Minimum 90 lb watercolour paper, card stock or chipboard cut to desired size.

Paint Palette:

  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
    • Burnt Sienna – DMFA02
    • Phthalo Blue – DMFA23
    • Primary Magenta – DMFA29
    • Translucent White – DMFA40

Prep and Mediums

  • DecoArt Media Matte Medium – DMM20
  • DecoArt Media White Gesso – DMM18
  • DecoArt Media Black Gesso – DMM19

Tools and Accessories

  • DecoArt Application and Texture Tools – DAS221
  • Americana Dual Sided Pouncers – DABK19
  • Americana Glass Stencil Daubers – DABK21


  • Americana Mixed Media Stencil:  Dangles – ASMM26


  • Royal Majestic Brushes
    • 3/4″ Wash – R4700
    • #10 & 12 Shader – R4150
  • Clear Choice Stencil Brushes
    • 1/4″ White Bristle Dome – 1113

Specialty Items

  • Rhinestone Stars
  • Quote
  • Vintage Photo
  • Note:  feel free to substitute and use what you have

General Supplies:

  • Royal Brush Square Brush Basin – RD325
  • Unstick Reusable Arts and Crafts Sheet
  • Mister Bottle Filled with Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Baby, Kitchen Wipes or Kitchen cloths (for dry rub application)
  • Heat Gun
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Hot Glue Gun


Free Fonts

Depending on when you are reading this blog post, it’s always a good idea to check out the terms at any free resource site.

Ready to Make This?
miniature art

What did you think?

What type of projects could you create based on this video lesson?   I was thinking a bookmark would be nice.  What about you? please share your thoughts in the comments below.