If I were to ask you to create a “minimalistic mixed media art project out of paper and cardboard” what would you say?

WOW that’s a mouthful would be my first guess!

Looking at the phrase, to me “minimalistic” sends pictures of Nordic interior decor into my mind, which btw is beautiful.  

Mixed media, that’s simple, use anything, everything and whatever you have on hand.  Paper and cardboard is simple too.

Put it all together and do you get stuck?  only being able to use paper and cardboard…is that a challenge for you?

Hopefully it is… as I’m rubbing my hands in a “Dr. Evil” kinda way.

Sometimes when working on mixed media pieces, we don’t know when to stop and we over-do it.  

My daughter just told me that Ava is making beaded necklaces and she puts on so many beads that they always break and go all over the place.   I giggled and was so proud that my 7 year old Granddaughter was so into making jewelry!  She’ll eventually figure it out, she’s a kid.  

But us adults, sometimes have that inner critic that tells us to

“add more because it’s too boring”
“add more to cover up mistakes”.

So as a challenge, watch the video and create something similar to only use 6 physical elements.  

Here’s what I mean: 

  • example #1:  1 background, 1 focal point, 4 other elements
  • example #2:  1 background, 1 focal point, 3 buttons, 1 staple

You can use cardboard, cutouts, gifted items, leftover bits and bobs, something that is:

  • damaged
  • you don’t like
  • not in style
  • you’ve horded for a very long time
  • or just have too much of

Just don’t buy anything to make this.

Once you’re done making it, I’d like to invite you to post a picture in the comments below.

If you’d like to know what I used to make mine, I have a printable supply list that can be adapted to anything you have.  You can get it below.

Creating a Minimalistic Mixed Media
Art Project Out of Paper and Cardboard

Ready to Make This?

Creating a Minimalistic Mixed Media Art Project Out of Paper and Cardboard

What did you think?

Did you find it challenging to only use 6 elements?  don’t forget to post pictures of what you created and share a few details on the process in the comments below.