This mixed media art project features burlap, circles and broken buttons and is project #2 of the Junk Can Be Beautiful series.

I’m dedicating this design to Joe, but you can win this design…read on.

mixed media art

I chose the burlap string because, well…Joe found a pile of it under my desk from a recent project I did.

Joe is also the one that picked out some 3D embellishments that I didn’t like, but didn’t have the heart to tell him that.  You’ll get to see the whole kit in the video below.

The blue is a colour that he loves… that nice ocean blue which reminds him of the many vacations in the Bahamas.

Broken buttons were used not because they are unique, but who uses broken buttons in an art piece.  Someone that is a bit quirky… and I thought of Joe 🙂


mixed media art

Burlap String

mixed media art

Broken Buttons

Don’t throw them out, use them as embellishments in your mixed media art.

Putting all the pieces together in a pleasing way, honestly is the hardest part.  Keeping it simple is the best way to go.  Keep it light, but sturdy so it can be handles without breaking.

Mixed Media Art with Burlap, Circles and Broken Buttons

Ready to Make This?

mixed media art with burlap, circles and broken buttons

What did you think?

Do you have any junk or art stuff you don’t like that you could re-purpose into something?  please share in the comments below.