In part 2 of the Random Act of Kindness series, we’re exploring mixed media art ideas that are cost effective, pretty and designed to make someone smile.

I was scheduling some pins for Pinterest and I noticed a trend with art that had a focus of love…it was mostly pink.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with pink, but I’m always looking to push myself out of the box and come up with different mixed media art ideas that stand out on their own.  

Why not a blue heart?  

Why not use black buttons instead of white?  not because they are dark, because of the contrast.

Texture of course is coming from the corrugated cardboard and a slight feel of mystery from the sheer veil behind the heart.

Speaking of the heart, it’s made up of scrap pieces of the corrugated cardboard peelings…how unique is that!

Upcycle Raw Materials into Something Pretty

Upcycle Raw Materials into Something Pretty

Looking at the images, can you come up with some mixed media art ideas of your own?  different things you can add into your own piece?  something unique with texture?

and in case you missed it, here are some more mixed media art ideas to use as Random Act of Kindness gifts:

Mixed Media Art Ideas

Blue Heart and Black Buttons

Ready to Explore Some
Mixed Media Art Ideas?

Random Act of Kindness Heart ATC

I'm looking for more mixed media art ideas...


Can you share some of your own mixed media art ideas such as unusual things you’ve used that worked well?  Please share in the comments below.