I hosted a swap called “Junk Can Be Beautiful” and it involved making a mixed media collage art piece using nothing but scraps, leftovers, recycled material and stuff you didn’t like on a 4″x4″.   What started out as one project, in my mind I came up with six.


Mixed Media Collage Art with Dominoes
Inspired by a holiday dinner with Joe’s family, we each got these crackers you pull apart, they pop and there is a toy inside.  Everyone put all the pieces in a bag and the challenge was for me to make art out of it.

So here we are.

This is the first of six projects and I’m dedicating this mixed media collage art to Joe’s brother, David.  In his cracker, he got a set of paper dominoes, a pink hat and the cracker was tied with red ribbon.  There was a joke inside as well which I rolled up and tied with a tiny piece of the ribbon.

We had fun talking about how to play dominoes since none of us had played in a gazillion years.

Instantly, I thought of a secret.  The secret to a good time is dominoes, even if you don’t remember how to play them, it’s fun to talk about it.

mixed media collage art - ripped paper

Started with Torn Paper

mixed media collage art

Torn Paper with Crackle Medium for Texture

Using simple corrugated cardboard, some die-cut pieces, crackled torn paper, paper hat, the dominoes and the little scroll, I just had to put it together.

Choosing the colour was easy, I picked something close to the colour of the hat and then went with a complimentary colour for contrast.

Mixed Media Collage Art with Dominoes

Ready to Make This?
mixed media collage art with dominos

What did you think?

Do you have some junk stuff around your home that you can make something with?  Please share your ideas with us in the comments below.