I watched a video from Mark Montano on how he made a cute mixed media doll out of wood blocks.  Joe was working on a toy box commission, so I had to use wood scraps so I didn’t bother him cutting wood and feeling his breath as he’s hovering over my shoulders.  Joe believes that power tools and I don’t get along 🙂   

Mixed Media Doll Called Carol - closeup

To put my own spin on my mixed media doll, I wanted to add fabric flowers and fabric to the dress which means longer drying time…that was ok, I had the entire day… or did I?

Making a mixed media doll sound great, but I think my day was doomed from the start.  

  • Chaos was in one of her moods, jumping on the table into the was finish
  • Mia was barky
  • I didn’t have clamps big enough
  • Fabric flowers took a day to dry
  • Chaos sleept on the doll while I was making supper, so she had little glue bits on her fur
  • Forgot to add the butterfly wings
  • Doll as stuck to the table
  • Closed off the video forgetting to name the doll.. yes there is a blooper at the end

With all these issues with my mixed media doll, I’m so glad I did this as a prototype and I made a list of what to do and not do on the next one:

  • Went out and bought larger clamps
  • Can’t do anything about Mia and Chaos, so just get over it
  • Will use a hot glue gun for the flowers and skirt
  • Prepare all the elements ahead of time and the most important
  • Just have fun, don’t rush, it’s not a contest.

I was very tempted to use some blue sea glass on my mixed media doll like I did in this mixed media artist trading card, but I didn’t have the right shape. Think it’s time to buy another box since I use the blue sea glass a lot.

Mixed Media Doll

Ready to Make This?

Mixed Media Wood Doll

What did you think?

A challenge with a project like this is not having the wood blocks to make the doll.  Can you think of some other things that you can use instead?  please share in the comments below.