Are you looking for a blast of visual inspiration?  or maybe you want to learn how to paint, draw or make something?  Scroll down…

Using Buttons in Your Art

Using Buttons in Your Art

Using Metals in Your Art

Using Metals in Your Art

Using Hardware in Your Art

Using Hardware in Your Art

Stamping Experiment with Heat Setting and Matte Medium

In this first experiment, I’ll start applying fluid acrylics, then testing out the permanence of ink with heat setting and applying matte medium.

Water Bubble Circle Obsessions

Exploring a variety of core rolls and using really big bubble wrap, which I pop to create little flower shaped objects.

Using Food Packaging as a Stencil

This background didn’t work out with food packaging as the stencil, but the hints of shine from the metallics are present and look really pretty.

Layering with Bubble Wrap, Wine Corks and Turkey Feathers

I’ll be exploring different things to stamp with including of course, bubble wrap, wine corks, paper edging and turkey feathers.

Painting on Bubble Wrap and Popping Fun

For this Book of Backgrounds page, I’ll be painting on bubble wrap and of course, who can’t resist popping the stuff!

When You Can’t Remove Paint with Gauze Add it Back In

In this Book of Backgrounds experiment, I’m trying to use gauze to remove paint so I end up with tiny lines. So if I can’t remove, I’m adding it back.

Lumocolour Permanent Special

I use these pens exclusively for pen and ink (alone, with watercolours, acrylics and oils), reverse glass (with acrylics and oils), art on plexi-glass, regular glass, sheet metal, aluminum, polymer clay, resin, ceramics, glazed porceline and any other non-porous surfaces.

Using Waxed Paper as a Painting Tool

In this Book of Backgrounds session, you will learn how to work with acrylics and metallic paint using waxed paper as the painting tool for the visual texture.