Are you looking for a blast of visual inspiration?  or maybe you want to learn how to paint, draw or make something?  Scroll down…

Easy Abstract Art for Beginners Using Texture

Do you know that creating some type of easy abstract art is a great way to experiment by always asking the question…”what if…”

Creating 3D Flower Art Using Dictionary Paper

As a maker, do you usually say “I can make that? ​But when it comes right down to it, the excuses start to come in and usually win.

Art Ideas That Are Quick and Easy Involving Animal Silhouettes​

Are you an animal lover looking for art ideas that are quick & easy, but you’re not sure where to start, give this project a try.

Quick and Easy Paint Splatter Art

Do you find yourself over-complicating your art, or over analyzing every single little thing?

Word Art Based on an Inspirational Quote

If I could show you how to create a small piece of word art that can be totally customized to what you like, with the skills you have, in under 30 minutes, would you try it?

How to Make Paint Transparent without Using Water

How to Make Paint Transparent Without Using Water

Quick and Easy Artist Trading Card from Book of Backgrounds – Dream Big

I almost died when I cut up the nautical background.  I loved it so much as a stand-alone piece as wall art. 

A 10 Minute Artist Trading Card – The Secret

What’s the biggest one you’ve ever kept? yeah… like you’re going to share it here.

Artist Trading Card Using Book of Backgrounds – Discovery

How to Link a Quote to a Theme

4 Artist Trading Cards from Painted Backgrounds – Book of Backgrounds Ideas

Quick and Easy Artist Trading Cards Using Only Painted Backgrounds

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