Are you looking for a blast of visual inspiration?  or maybe you want to learn how to paint, draw or make something?  Scroll down…

DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics – Product Review

Being a DecoArt Helping Artist, my mission is to bring you as much information about DecoArt products by creating blog posts and videos featuring their products. That way you see everything in action.

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Jukebox Oldies 4×4 Mixed Media Art

Looking for ideas on creating some mixed media art with a 60’s feel to it? try this jukebox oldies 4×4 mixed media lesson featuring the King of Rock!

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Creative Visual Art Prompt Activity – B is for Bird

Sometimes you get stuck trying to think of something to create. That’s where an art prompt comes in.

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Seascape Painting on Stone

Why always paint on a boring canvas, why not paint a seascape on some rock, but not any rock…rock from the Niagara Escarpment!

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How to Thicken Up Thin Gesso Without Drying it Out

If it’s easy to thin down gesso, how to we thicken up gesso? remove water is the easy answer, but how do you do that without the gesso drying out?

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Artist Trading Card Tutorial Featuring a Cat

I was trying to come up with a really easy artist trading card tutorial for the next swap and I know I wanted the theme to be cat art.

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Pros & Cons Using an Art Journal vs Canvas for Learning

No special tutorial this week…just a bit of reading. I had to write this post due to emails I’m getting from people asking for cheaper substrate alternatives to practice all the art lessons I’ve been giving them.

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Copying Old Masters to Inspire Mixed Media Abstract Art

Have you ever tried copying an Old Master in order to learn a painting style? Are you cringing right now at the thought of “copying an Old Master”? Is it because of “copying” or the fact that I referred to “an Old Master“?

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Using a Stencil to Create Dramatic Art – Quick and Easy Art Project

Have you ever found yourself stuck wanting to create something for someone special and you just didn’t have a clue what to make that was really nice, but quick and easy?

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What Colours Do You Mix to Make Green?

What Colours Do You Mix to Make Green? Who cares! just buy bottles of green paint right? Be honest, how many green tubes or bottles of paint do you have?

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Mixed Media for Beginners

With the goal being “no overwhelm”, I’ve prepared a very simple step by step list to create a mixed media piece using whatever you have in your art stash.

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