Are you looking for a blast of visual inspiration?  or maybe you want to learn how to paint, draw or make something?  Scroll down…

Introduction to the Thrifty Art Supplies Experiment

I’ve come up with a paint palette and brushes that added up to $18.25 Canadian that matches my limited palette as close as possible.

Does the Cost of Art Supplies Affect Your Creativity

Do you use a lot of DIY art supplies?

Creating Your Own Spirit Stones by Painting on Rocks – Coming Up Daisies

Continuing my series on Spirit Stones and in this video, I’m painting a cute daisy on a wobbly rock to show how easy it is. All you need are some very basic colours and a few brushes.

How to Distress a Small Wall Shelf for a Country Farmhouse Look

How to Distress a Small Wall Shelf for a Country Farmhouse Look

Crazy Bird Meets Butterfly – Mixed Media Canvas Project

Before we get on with Crazy Birds…have you ever been at your creative space, looking at a blank canvas with a similar blank look on your face. Not sure what to make? Well, that wasn’t me in this video tutorials.  

What Do You Do with Mixed Media Tags

I’m curious what you do with any Mixed Media Tags that you’ve created or received from someone.

Wildlife Painting Study of a Heron in Acrylics

In this wildlife painting study, the colour mixing techniques used can be applied to any subject.

Painting an Orange with Primary Colours and a Q-Tip

Painting Challenge: Painting an Orange with Primary Colours…but NO paintbrush!

Being Creative in a Tiny Space and Keeping it Tidy

How do you manage being a creative when your space is a kitchen table?

How to Setup a Wet Palette the Cheap and Easy Way

How to setup a wet palette, the cheap and easy way.

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