Do you get overwhelmed with the idea of all the colours for painting portraits and faces?

Regardless if it’s for mixed media, art journaling or formal art, painting portraits for beginners can be daunting just from the standpoint of the “colours”.

Should you be using pre-mixed “flesh tones”?  those pretty colours already made up for you?, should you buy 30-60 colours to make sure you have everything you need?  what type…craft paint, tube paint, professional paint?

First, avoid buying pre-mixed flesh tones, because “what if” the paint manufacturer stops making those colours?  you’re stuck.

Second, no you don’t need to buy 30-60 colours.  I’m thinking around 15.

Third… work with what you have first before buying anything.

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to choose your colours made up of standard paints so you can make up your own flesh tone mixes for painting portraits and for your convenience, you can choose the tutorial based on the “type of paint” you are using.  Plus you’ll get a paint chart so you can use it to create your own personalized colour wheel.

Colours for Painting Portraits and Keeping it Minimal

What Type of Paint are You Using?

What are you using?

I’d love to hear specifically what type of paints you are using.  This helps me create content that would be suitable for you.  Please share in the comments below.