I often use Mia to demonstrate to my students how to paint animal fur. How it grows, the undercoat colours, how to layer the fur colours. btw, I didn’t fall on top of Mia, but I came pretty close!

If you’ve never drawn or painted an animal as of yet, before you pickup a pencil or brush, really get to know how the fur grows on your pet. It’s great bonding time too if your pet likes to be handled.

Oh and yes, Mia is shedding, we’ve had mid 30 degree temps for a few days….time for a visit to the doggy salon.

I’m not 100% comfortable using my phone for video, but I hope you enjoyed it and picked up a few tips.

How I Use My Dog to Teach Students to Paint Animal Fur

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Do you have a pet that likes to be handled?  if so, run your fingers through their fur and see how many colours you can find in all those layers.  Please share how many you found below.