Painting on rocks is a lot of fun right?  well, for this simple project, you can let your inner child out and paint these fun “peek-a-boo” stones.

These are also fun for kids as well and you can easily see that they can also be used for Halloween, or tuck them under a little Alberta Spruce or Hostas to add some visual “surprising” interest.

You can give this as gifts, bundle in a little box to sell or donate to a charity for fundraising…because they are just that darn cute.

When painting on rocks, you need rocks right?  if you don’t have any around, you can get some at almost any landscaping store or big box store.  

Ready to get started?

Painting on Rocks

Ready to Make These?

painting on rocks - peekaboo garden stones

What did you think?

Other than placing these stones under an Alberta Spruce and/or Hostas, what other ideas can you come up with for these cuties?  please share in the comments below.