Who doesn’t love playing with transparent layers! In this video, I’m experimenting with transparent paint, transparent paper, and gel medium through a stencil to create transparent layers.

An idea of what you can do with a design like this is to create handmade cards to send by mail.  You can cut it about 1/4 smaller than the base card stock.  But we all know that sending anything by postal mail is dwindling.  What if you could take a picture of your artwork and set it up in an electronic card?   I was planning on doing that on my own for an invite to a new mixed media jewelry collection release party, but OMG, it takes so much time doing it.

I landed on a service called Paperless Post and initially I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I was able to upload my own photo to create a fully custom and animated card. 

I must admit, that the one thing that irked me, is that there was only one digital postmark for Canada which was “Toronto” and that isn’t appropriate for the rest of Canada. 

Other then that, the service allows you to create free animated professional-looking electronic cards and if you want to really go all out, they do have a pro service.

Do you think this might be something that you would use?  if so, try it at paperlesspost.com