Abstract Landscape Class: The Screaming Landscape


Invest just under an hour of your time and learn to create an abstracts landscape using the paint pouring technique.

See the full painting and details below.



I’m not quite sure if this class will turn your crank, but if you’re into paint pouring, it might be up your ally and if anything, you can see me start out with an intention of creating an abstract paint pouring landscape and it turns into something I’m calling a Screamer Landscape which could be inspired by an old Master Artist.

Here is a full size picture of the landscape:

Abstract Landscape

Does it reminder you of a specific Master Artist?

What’s included with this class:

  • 7 Video Lessons (total of 48 minutes and 52 seconds of video)
  • choice of unlimited access to this one class or become a premium member and get access to all classes

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