Something so simple, yet this paint splatter video lesson took me three takes to do it.  I’d love to blame technology this time, but nope, it was all me.  Simply doing a step in the wrong order.  

Do you find yourself over-complicating your art, or over analyzing every single little thing?  

Do you look to create perfect art?  those paintings that people can’t tell if it’s a photograph or a painting?

Do you knock down your art because it’s “not perfect”

I hear this all the time:

  • I don’t want to share my art because it’s not any good.
  • I love to paint, but my paintings look like a child did them.
  • I don’t draw very well.
  • My drawings look like stick people – ok this one’s personal.. it’s Joe’s excuse.

I have to be honest, I have no idea what your talent is like, or what type of skills you have.   You are likely self taught and like to create art that makes you feel good right?

So in this video tutorial, although I’m using a Book of Backgrounds page as the base, you can use anything to paint on.  Take “whatever”, paint it dark, apply a mask and splatter.  

Yes, it’s that easy.


quick and easy paint splatter

Simple Techniques to Get Different Sized Splatters

quick and easy paint splatter

Keep the Mask Simple to See the Outline

Ready to make this?

This is what I used:

Substrate: Book of Backgrounds #46: Gelatin Monoprint Using Stamps and Stencils.  

Palette: DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
-Phthalo Green-Blue – DMFA24
-Phthalo Green-Yellow – DMFA25
-Phthalo Blue – DMFA23
-Quinacridone Magenta – DMFA35
-Quinacridone Burnt Orange – DMFA39
-Titanium White – DMFA39
-Matte Medium – DMM20

Stencil: DecoArt Andy Skinner Mixed Media Stencil: Hippy Chic – Andy77

Brushes: bristle and synthetic brushes

-Grey Palette Paper
-Water container
-Palette Knife
-Paper Towels
-Baby Wipes (for cleaning paints off your hands during the painting session)

Quick and Easy Paint Splatter

I'd like to hear from you...

Have you ever created art that was so simple that you absolutely loved?  Please comment below to share your thoughts.